FinishTask helps you to prevent procrastination and visualize tasks’ deadlines.

Key features
* Simple interface
* Show deadline’s percentage and progress bar
* Assign colors to your task progress bar
* All your data stored locally on your device
This application measures the time for each task and reminds you when the deadlines are coming to an end.
You only need to enter your goal and indicate two dates: when you plan to start and when you plan to finish. Optionally, you can choose the color that will display the task. This entry will appear in the general list of your tasks, which can be either long-term or short-term.
By clicking on any set goal, you will see the remaining number of days, hours and minutes, as well as a gradually filled-in scale with the display of elapsed time in percentage terms.
Initially, in addition to your goals, the application added trackers for the outgoing day, week, month, quarter and year. They are here for clarity and, if necessary, are easily disabled in the application settings.
The application contains ads that can be disabled by completing the in-app purchase.